Monday, October 19, 2015

The Horror Heroes are back!

It has been three years since the first edition of Horror Heroes launched with stories of Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein and the Invisible Wolfman. Since that time, fans have asked when another edition of monsters turned heroes would make it on to shelves. That time is now, as Horror Heroes 2 has arrived in print and digital.

The new anthology features two short stories and a novella by three writers all returning from the previous volume.

Travis Hiltz kicks the anthology off with his own take on Frankenstein’s Monster as he turns the creature into a modern adventurer with his own team of off-the-wall allies in “Frankenstein & The Rejects”.

Editor Nicholas Ahlhelm adds a little romance to the scares as he takes readers to “The Beach House”, the location Lynda travels to in order to finally spread her wings after years of being the good girl. There she meets a strange young man, one that might actually be a legendary sea monster!

Darrin Albert closes things out with “Steamed!”, a new novella featuring his bigfoot hero Littlefoot. Darrin designs an entire world between human and sasquatch, one which Littlefoot must bridge in order to find her future and possibly save all of human and sasquatch-kind!

These three big stories are now available in print and Kindle editions. Metahuman Press continues its devotion to low prices with $12.00 print volumes and $3.99 digital editions. Readers can take their pick, or get the digital edition free as part of Kindle Unlimited or with Kindle Matchbook (and the purchase of the print volume.)

Horror Heroes 2 makes the monsters the heroes just in time for some amazing Halloween hijinks. Pick it up today!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Welcome to the rebirth of Metahuman Press!

Metahuman Press has been through multiple incarnations since it first took to the web back in 2005. Now in its fifth incarnation, Metahuman Press renews its focus on producing new super powered fiction, pulp and adventure novels.

We have long been publishers of such great works as I Was a Teenage Metahuman, Modern Gods, Pulpsploitation and more. The future is equally bright as tomorrow brings the debut of the second volume of our Horror Heroes series.

In the mean time, click a link below to enjoy some of our previous fiction.