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Metahuman Press is a small press focusing on adventure, modern pulp and super powered fiction. As a publisher we look for anthologies and series collecting stories around a central theme focused towards one of the above subjects. Primarily, this has taken the form of ongoing series such as the Horror Heroes and Modern Gods anthologies, but more recently Metahuman Press has focused on work such as the multi-author Pulpsploitation franchise that creates an early 1980s pulp world.

Operated by editor-in-chief Nicholas Ahlhelm, Metahuman Press employs a group of freelancer writers and editors. As an ultra-small press, we pride ourselves on offering creative freedom outside the norms of traditional publishing, while still maintaining a strong editorially hand in design and format.

Those interested in contacting Metahuman Press can do so at nick {at} superpoweredfiction {dot} com.

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