Monday, March 13, 2017

Jim Beard introduces the world to Saucy Robot Stories!

Almost any genre was possible in the classic pulps, and just about everyone of them had a "spicy" version. The spicy pulps were the back counter magazines of their day, although by today's standards they were far more tame than your average PG-13 film.

But that grand tradition of the pulps never quite combined with the emerging tales of mechanical men also prevalent in the 30s and beyond. Until now.

Series creator Jim Beard teams with co-editor Nicholas Ahlhelm to bring the adventures of Sam, the world's first fully automated man. (And we do mean fully automated.)  Saucy Robot Stories introduces him and his friends Augie and Doona as they have weird adventures across New York and beyond.

In six new stories by Sam Gafford, M.H. Norris, Travis Hiltz, Justin Bell, Aaron Smith and Chuck Miller, the pulp genre is stretched with new and unique ways our heroes face down new threats and new weirdness. All with just a bit of sauciness to go along with it!

Saucy Robot Stories will be available in April from Metahuman Press.

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