Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I blame my kids: Travis Hiltz on Dino Force

Travis Hiltz takes over the page today to talk a little about his contribution to Dino Force, now funding on Kickstarter.

I blame my kids. This story is their fault.

Both of them were huge Power Ranger fans and as any good parent would, I ended up watching a lot of episodes with them.

Yes, it’s goofy, the acting is uneven and trying to make sense of the continuity will make your brain melt. At the same time, it’s got a fun silver age comic book vibe, most of the characters are likable is constantly throwing out ideas that made the writer part of my brain go ‘what’s up with that…? Why aren’t they doing more with that?”

This led to us having all kinds of ‘what if…?” chats, and using their action figures to create our own episodes.

It was fun and as close as I was ever going to get to write Power Rangers.

Then Nick came along and suddenly, all those ideas we’d come up with while playing had a place to go.

Mixed in with that sense of excitement, I was given Africa as my country to protect. The added challenge of being a middle-aged white guy writing about Africa really got my brain firing.

Then I decided I wasn’t juggling enough ideas/challenges and decided to make my hero a teenage girl.

It was a fun, stress inducing experience helping to create this little world and because of the subject matter I might actually get my kids to read one of my stories.

Or receive that most hoped for by every parent bit of praise: “Yeah, it was okay.”

Dino Force is now funding on Kickstarter.

Travis Hiltz has been making up stories for as long as he can remember. In high school he started writing them down. By college he had collected several rejection notices and had a one act play produced. After several years of writing fan fiction, he decided to restart his efforts to get published, and much to his surprise, this time it worked. He has since become a regular contributor to Blackcoat Press and Metahuman Press. He lives in New Hampshire with his very tolerant wife, a slightly less tolerant teenager, two cats and a staggering amount of comic books.

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